Travelers with Disabilities

Each country has its own laws regarding accessibility and resources for persons with physical, sensory, intellectual, or mental disabilities. Before your travel, it is always best to visit to find information about travelers with disabilities in the Local Laws & Special Circumstances section.

Preparing for your trip is critical: 

  • View Mobility International USA’s tip sheet for Guide Dogs and International Travel.
  • To request assistance  for travelers with disabilities and medical conditions for  the security screening process and answer questions about processes, procedures and checkpoints, you can contact the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) helpline at 855-787-2227, or go online at TSA Cares.
  • Check websites such as Mobility International USA to find overseas disability organizations.
  • Consider the following regarding wheelchairs:
    • Manual vs. power 
    • Supplies such as wheelchair tires, tubes, and patch kits – consider bringing extra as these may not be available at your destination.
    • Gate checking – Always gate check your wheelchair and retain the receipt
    • Airline policies on damaged equipment
    • Voltage of electricity at destination vs. voltage of power wheelchair
    • Type of electrical plug
    • Reliability of electrical system 24/7